– 17 –

Veronica had spent all day texting Sincere. From when she got up in the morning, to when she got off work. Her inbox was full of messages from him. Everytime his name popped up on her screen, a smiled formed on her face. It was like being a lil girl again, she got butterflies while talking to him. These new feelings she dearly missed.

Her and Jamar weren’t on bad terms particularly but for the past few weeks, she was really distant from him. And that’s how it normally was for them, just no spice, no boom, anything. Just a couple who’s been together for years, living together, unhappy most times, but to comfortable to leave. The attention she craved from Jamar, Sincere made up for it. She wasn’t all there with Jamar like she normally was and he had noticed. Jamar never thought it could be the attention from another guy she was getting, he just thought it was another skeme to get him to pay more attention to her.

Veronica was relaxing on the couch, fresh off work. Tv was playing but she wasn’t even payng attention. Sincere had her eyes glued to the phone.

 Did you like the flowers I sent to you today?

       Yes I loved them. Roses are my favorite.    

Beautiful flowers for my beautiful girl   

Veronica was smiling from ear to ear. It was was little upsetting that she could take the flowers home but instead she kept them at work.  No one there suspected a thing, They just thought they were from Jamar.

“Lets go out to eat” Jamar suggested just coming out the shower into the living room.

Veronica ignored him and continued to text in her phone.


“What? Huh?” Veronica said non-chantalty,  still fixated on her phone. Jamar came over and quickly grabbed her phone from her hand. Veronica heart dropped hoping he wouldnt go through it. Jamar held it high so Veronica couldn’t reach.

“Quite playing Jamar give me my phone!” she said trying to grab the phone back.

“Your friends that important?. I’m talking to you and your ignoring me.” Jamar explained, still having the phone tight in his hand. That was the only way to get her attention.

Finally Veronica stood there, arms crossed, head cocked. She tried not show any signs of worriedness.

“Okay, Jamar. You have my full attention,” she said saracastically. “What do you want?”

“Let’s go out tonight. Anywhere you want.” he said smiling.

Veronica raised her eyebrows. “If I say yes, can I have my phone back?”

He nodded.

“Yes, We can go.” she smiled back and shook her head. She could tell the small effort he was making to make her laugh and she fell for it. He gave her phone back and continued into the bathtroom to get ready. Veronica plopped down in the couch and immediately began deleting all Sincere’s text messages, even her friends texts to be safe. Once finished, she took a long sigh, whoa, that was close.


The two decided to go to the mall for dinner and a movie. They even held hands. Believe it or not, Veronica enjoyed the time they were spending together. They went to her favorite resturant, and Jamar chose it without her even saying anything. It was times like this that reminded her why she was with him for so long, things like this she missed. Depsite the good time she was having, Sincere was still all on her mind.

Upon leaving the resturant they took a brief stroll through the mall before the movie had started.

“I miss this.” Jamar said

“Miss what?” Veronica knew exactly what he was talking about but she still wanted him to say it.

“Just this. Us. Being together. Being us. It’s been a while. Yea, I take you for granted sometimes and I fuck up but my intentions are never to hurt you, just know that”

Veronica took all of what he said in. Unfortunately she was a little too far gone. If he would have said this maybe a month ago, it would have meant the world to her, but now, it really just went through one ear and out the other. But she still appreciated the fact that he acknowledged his wrong-doing and apologized – somewhat.

“Thanks Mar, I really appreciate you saying that.” Veronica said, she knew this had to be a moment. She hadn’t called him Mar in forever. That was his childhood nickname when they first met. Growing up, he had preferred his whole government.

Just then she spotted a familiar face walking towards her. It was a group of dudes, and there was Sincere, walking closer and closer. She had noticed him before he seen her. She kept her cool, wondering should she turn around and walk another way but she didn’t want to seem obvious. She kept her cool, and continued towards the group of guys.

Sincere caught eye contact immediatly with Veronica. Him and his boys had shopping bags in their hands, just about to leave. Sincere had actually just texted Veronica and he got no response, and he could now see why.

Quickly they brushed past eachother, but to Veronica it was like in slow motion. Sincere and Veronica held direct eye contact, either of them not wanting to look away, and Jamar looking ahead completely oblvious. It was a slight akward moment Veronica had to endure and was happy it was over. She wanted to look back so bad and did. Discreetly playing it off she turned around to see if Sincere would be looking back at her, and he wasn’t. Veronica thought to herself that this would be the last time she would see him.


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