– 16 –

                 All the girls sat on Lea’s bed listening to Bri tell her story of what James did to her, Veronica’s outting with Sincere and Lea getting up with Deon . Light music was playing in the background. Of course Keyshia Cole played.

Baby I remember, A time when we were so secure

Now it’s like December, and you saying that I’m so insecure

I gotta getaway, Cuz you making me weak, it’s keeping trapped

I gotta be a fool, sitting here trying to get that old thing back

                Raquel was the only one who was quiet. She would normally be the loud one always chimming in, but the situation that has recently happened to get took a toll on her. She laid out on the floor and put her arms over her head. Veronica noticed and turned the convo toward her.

                “You okay Raquel. How’s it going with your house?

                “What? What happened?” both Bri and Lea asked, totally feeling left out.

                “Her house was broken into. Furniture was everywhere it was crazy.” Veronica explained.

                 “I don’t know what to do guys. I have no money. Nothing. My mom is no help.”

                  Lea sat on the floor with her and put her arm around her friend. “You know if you need anything, we’re all here for you, you know that right. Money, somewhere to stay, anything.”

                  Veronica and Bri nodded in agreement.

                 “James broke me down and made me feel like shit. I know exactly how you feel Raquel. I just need to get my life back in control. I just need … ” Bri grabbed scissors that were over on the dresser and without even thinking twice, she cut off her entire ponytail.

                   All the girls gasped in amazement. “Breona Perez! Look what you just did!” Veronica pointed out a lifeless ponytail on the bed.

                  It was so involuntary for Bri. It still didn’t hit her what she had did. She began to feel the back of her head and was no ponytail. She then started to panick.

                  “Shit! What did I do! What did I do!”

                 All the girls burst out laughing. It wasn’t funny but it was. Bri still was in panick mode and the girls tried to calm her down.

                   “It’s okay, It’s not that bad” Lea laughed. It was but she still wanted to make her feel good.

                 Raquel was the only one out the group good at doing hair. She had even thought of going to cosmotogely school. She was that good. Maybe get her license and open her own shop.

                 “Here give me the sciossors,” Raquel said grabbing them “It’s fine. I’ll hook you up”

                 Within about 20 minutes Raquel was done. Bri went to look in the mirror. She stared at herself in awe. Her hair looked as if she actually got it cut at a salon. It was in a nice asymetrical bob.

                “You go Raquel.” Veronica exclaimed. “See, it’s no that bad afterall Bri”

                 She did feel better. She didn’t know why she cut her hair to begin with. Maybe because it was something in her life she actually felt she had control over. Maybe it was because her hair symbolized James and she was cutting him out for good. Either way, she felt lifted.


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