– 15 –

     Raquel opened the curtains to let some sunlight into her darkened home. Her mom sat on the ruined couch smoking a cigarette. Raquel took a seat across from her and took one the cigarettes, lit and took a long pull.

       “So Denise, who do you think could have done this”

        “What’s that supposed to mean Raquel?” her mom said defensively.

        “Your the one who has guys in and out of here. Why would somebody do this to us?”

       Denise sat back into the couch and rubbed her forehead as if she had a major headache. She was still a bit briused up. Her hair being up in a messy bun, exposed the black eye she had. Tears began to fall down her face.

          “I don’t know. I can’t remember much,” she said “I came home from the bar, I unlocked the door, then two guys rushed me into the house. I tried to run into my bedroom to lock the door and call the police but they broke the door down. Next thing I know I hear you in the hallway”

          Raquel didn’t know if she could believe her mother. She wasn’t the most truthful person. She’d lie about little things. Like paying bills, she’d say she has no money, and leave Raquel to paying rent or the electric bill meanwhile she’d come in with Michael Kore bags or new shoes.

          Raquel ashed her ciggarette and took another puff. “I can’t believe this. As if my life isn’t already shitty enough as it is.”

         “And the first is around the corner. They stole all the money in my purse, everything.” Denise began to cry again.

          “Oh my god!” Raquel shot down the ciggarette and ran into her bedroom.

          “What??” Denise ran in after her.

           Raquel went for her closet and dug through the mess. She immediately went for her s stash of money she had been saving from all those night withs Nazim. Shoes boxes, clothes, jewlery went everything. Raquel rummaged through everyting to get to her safe. It wasn’t exactly a safe but an old jewlery box she had since she was a little girl. It defineitly didn’t look suspicous so she kept all her money in there.

            “What are you doing??” Denise asked while standing over her.

             Raquel held her breath while she slowly opened the box. There was no money. Nothing. Everything was gone. Tears immediately started streaming down her face, she threw the box across the room amd rushed past her mom into the bathroom. She slammed the door shut and locked it.

              “What is going on? Talk to me. What the fuck Raquel, your being so dramatic!” Denise called through the door.

              Raquel opened the door and stood face to face with her mother.

              “They took my money. All of it,” Raquel cried.

               “Mines was stolen too. Our tvs, everything.”

              “No you don’t understand. You don’t know what I had to do to get that money! That could have been rent, anything to help us. I’m broke, you’re broke. This house is a mess. What are we going to do?”

                Denise had no plan. She never really worked which is why Raquel never really had a work ethic as well, she had no one really to look up to in that department. But something had to be done. Or else they would be out on the streets or worst.




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