– 14 –

      Lea was walking to the schools Cafe. She was done with classes for the day and wanted to grab something to eat. Besides her small distractions with Professor Scott, she was on the right track. Everything was going smooth. Though classes were getting a little more difficult, the semester was half way over and Lea was excited.

      She grabbed a caramel frappe and began texting her friends in a group chat.

      Ladies night tonight ladies?

        Of course ! Come over I have to tell you about my date and Jamar’s crazy ass. Replied Veronica. Lea smirked to herself. Though they all had other things going on in their life, catching up with eachother was a must.

         Raquel hadn’t replied back yet and normally she’d be the first and Lea also hadn’t spoken to Bri in a while. She dismissed it and just figured they’d both get back to her later.


         Beeeep! Beeeep!

         Lea whipped around to see who was beeping at her. It was a tinted black Range Rover. She couldnt tell who was the in the car, the windows were so dark. She stopped in her tracks and the truck pulled up to her. The window rolled down and exposed the person behind the wheel.

          “What’s up, I didn’t know you went here”

           It was Deon, the guy she met in the club.

          “Yea I do. What are you doing here?” Lea asked. How the hell did he spot me she thought to herself. Either way it didn’t matter. He was looking good in that driver seat.

           “Dropping my little brother off. I spotted you from a mile away girl. I been thinking about you since the last time I seen you”

           Lea rolled her eyes. 

           “Forreal girl, hop in”

           Lea was hesitent at first but then figured all she was about to go do was go home to study. She got in his car and they drove off. He wasn’t like any other dude she had been with. He was dark skinned but skin so smooth. Cute dimples and waves you could dive in. Being drunk that night at the pizza spot didn’t do him any justice. But being with him in broad daylight, she could see how sexy he really was.

             He immediately blasted music and it was loud. Amp speakers screamed Future music and they rode around for a bit. He grabbed a bottle from out the glove department and gave it to Lea to open.

            “I know you like Henny so” he said eyes still fixed  on the road.

             She opened the bottle and took a few sips. Boy did it go down hard. But after a few more sips, it really wasn’t that bad.

             “So what do you study. I like the fact you in school”

             “Thanks. I’m a psycology major. A senior. I’ll be graduating soon. I can’t wait for it to be over”

             “That’s what’s up. I always tell my little brother to keep at this school shit. Don’t be like me. Get that education and go far.” Deon took a sip of the bottle then began to speak again. “I gotta make a few runs. You down to chill or I can take you home”

              Lea thought of her friends she was supposed to be meeting up with later but she figured it’s okay to be late. They could wait.

             She shrugged her shoulders. “I’m good”

             Deon smiled and continue to drive. They cut a couple corners and he pulled up to this abandoned house. And old white man got in. No words were exchanged. They just shook eachothers hands and the guy left, and they pulled off. Obviously they just did an exchange, Lea wasn’t new to the streets, but she had never been around it so close before.

             Deon noticed Lea unsettledness and put his hand gentle on her thigh.

             “Listen I like you. I’ve seen you around before and finally being able to get ya number and meet up with you .. ” He stopped talking to come up with the right words to say. “I would never put in you in harms way, okay”

             He seemed sincere. She smiled and nodded her head letting him know she believed him. Lea wasn’t used to trusting guys so fast but it was something about him that she liked. With scchool being her number focus, she still had hoped this would be the start of something real.



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