– 13 –

    Bri had gotten low, away from the world. She had been hiding out at her moms’ house for the past couple of weeks. She hadn’t even spoke to any of her friends, James knew exactly where all of them lived. He could easily find her. She also didnt want to be a burden on them. Greatful for her mother for keeping her baby, she hid out with an old friend from work.

     Flashbacks of James raping her played back in her head over and over she couldn’t seem to get over. There had been plenty of times that she didn’t want sex with him, she’d just let him do her, then finish, but it never came to rape. Bri started to think it was her fault. That maybe if she just would have gave in, none of this wouldnt have happened.

      “Here you go girl” Tina handed Bri some hot raspberry tea. She was wrapped up in a warm rob on the couch. Tina took a seat next to her.

      “Thanks for letting me stay here with you.”

      “Take all the time you need. I let Val know of your situation, so you can come back to work when your ready.”

       Bri was thankful of Tina. They hadnt known eachother too long but she was really the only girl she cliqued with at work. Tina was older, about 7 years older, short, thick, and always told you the truth. No matter how hard it was. And right now Bri needed some tough love.

        “When’s the last time you spoke to him?”

        “I’m sure he’s blowing up my phone. I blocked him so it goes straight to voicemail”

        “What the hell is wrong with these dudes now days. They have more woman tendencies than ever. It’s disgusting”

        “I’m done with him. For good. I really am this time.”

         Tina shot her a ‘yea right’  look. “Listen don’t tell me no lies. And especially what you think others wanna hear from you. You’re the one that has to sleep at night. Your the one that has to deal with this. And most importantly, your kid. If you can’t find the strength to leave him, at least do it for your baby”

         Tina continued to talk her ears off. Giving her advice. She had gone through something similar with her ex. She traveled all the way Brooklyn to get away from him. They bonded and shared stories. Bri was was taking in the advice Tina was giving her. Alot of sounded repetitive but it always was different coming from another mouth.


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