– 12 –

 Hey beautiful

  It was around 11am when Veronica finally recieved a text from the guy she had met at the club that previous weekend, Sincere. She was anxious but didn’t want to come off thristy. She actually wanted to call him that night but knew that was a no-no. Given it had been almost 4 days since they went out,it was about time he hit her phone.

   Jamar laid next to Veronica in the bed knocked out. They made up from the arguement they previously. Which was the norm for them. Break up, make up, same ol same ol. Main reason why she was looking to step out. She was looking for something outside the norm.

   Hey, what’s up

   What are you up to?

   Enjoying my day off.

   I wish I had a day off …

   Sounds like you’re a busy person.

   Sometimes, but I can always make time for you …

   Veronica smiled. It was corny but it made her smile geuninely. which hadnt happened in a while. With every movement Jamar made laying next to her, Veronica would delete every text after it was read and recieved. God forbid he woke up and happened to glance at the phone.

    Can I take you out today?

    Veronica bit her kip and thought before she replied. Hell, why not.


     Text me your address, I’ll be by shortly. We can get a late breakfast.

     Shit! She couldnt have him pick her up, especially while Jamar was there. Veronica quickly got dressed and drove over to Raquel’s house.


      Raquel heard knocking on the door. It got louder and louder. She was afraid to answer the door. She got off the kitchen floor, grabbed a pillow off the floor and put it under her mother and also a blanket over her.

      “It’s me open the door !” a familiar voice called out.

      Raquel cracked the door open, she didn’t want to let Veronica all the way in, seeing as the house was still compeletly a mess .

      “Sincere! You remember him from the club. He’s about to take me out but I didn’t want him to pick me up home so I’m here” she let out a small laugh

       Veronica could sense something was wrong, especially because Raquel hadnt yet fully opened the door and welcomed her in.

      “Girl, what’s up”

       Veronica slightly ambushed through and opened the door herself.

      “Wow! What happened?

      Raquel closed the door behind her.

      “Girl I don’t what the hell is going on. I come in from the club and come home to this. My mom all bruised up.”

      “Where’s denise? Is she okay? Are you okay”

      “Yea, I’m okay. Waiting for her to wake up. I don’t what to think right now. Whoever they were, they were definetly looking for something”

       Veronica’s phone went off and it was Sincere.

       I’m outside beautiful

       “That’s him, he’s outside. If you need me, I can stay” Veronica wanted to be there for her friend and Rauqel did appreciate it but declined.

        “No girl I’m fine. Go, have fun and call me after”

        2014 all white Audi was parked outside. Veronica hopped into the car and they were out.

        Sincere was smoking a blunt and passed it to her. Veronica waved it away. Only timed she smoked was when she was with her friends hanging around. Being high was feeling she liked, especially being around someone knew. She couldn’t be on point as she liked to.

         “So where we headed?” she asked

         “I know this lil spot. It’s low. I’m sure you’ll appreiciate low” he smirked

          Was he sending shots? Veronica brushed it off. Yea she was in a relationship but it was complicated. Jamar and her were on and off so much sometimes she didn’t even know where they stood.

          “So how was your day”


          “What do you do?”

          Max b was playing the background, low but still able to hear. Veronica examined his attire. He jeans were fitted but not too tight, graphic shirt, jordans to match and couldnt forget the fitted hat. He was well groomed, put together. Nothing like Jamar. He’d just come outside with a solid color Polo Tshirt and some tims and call it a day. She liked that Sincere actually cared about his appearance.

           “I dipple and dapple. Do a little bit of everything, you know. Most importantly travel. I just recently came back from the Bahamas”

           “Oh that’s nice”

          “Yea, probably headed to Vegas in a couple weeks. I’m always in and out. But I had to make time for you”

          Veronica smiled. He had a habit of doing that to her.

          They pulled up to the diner and walked and took their seats. The waiter seemed to know him cause she brought out exactly what he wanted without him even saying anything. Quickly Veronica imagined him being here with every girl he came across, just to make them feel “special.”

             “You’re a regular?”

             “I come here alot actually. It’s okay to be alone sometimes and I think some people are afraid of that. Staying in a fucked up situation because they’re afraid of the loneliness so instead stay cause it’s comfortable.”

              Veronica felt like he was speaking directly to her without even knowing it. That was her situation exactly. 

             “I come here to think, eat, or plan my next move. Yea I have my boys, but I am my own best friend at the end of the day”

              She shifted in her seat and took some sips of water.

              “Enough about me, what about you?” he asked. He loved how innocent she seemed though clearly she wasn’t. He was used to fast girls who got straight to the point, Rarely did he bring them to his usual spot. Veronica hadn’t been on the marker for some time now, she was technically like a virgin.

             “Um, Idk. I really don’t do much. Just work and take care of my baby. Hang out with my friends occasionally. You know, same ol.”

             “You with your baby father?”

             “It’s complicated. We’ve been together for 8 years, I’m only 23 and feel married. Bored I guess is a better word”

             “Well I definetly wanna be the one to occupy your time.”

              Hours had went by without noticing. They ordered food and desert countless time. Veronica never thought she would click with Sincere. He seemed so worldly. Veronica didn’t even notice her phone going off a million times because it was on silent. Sincere had noticed the flickering light coming from her pocket.

               “You wanna get that?”

                Veronica pulled out her and her eyes widen. She had 10 missed calls and text messages.



                 Where the fuck are you??

                 Veronica get ya ass back home!

                Veronica could just imagine all these messages in Jamar voice. She did leave him alone with the baby sleep. But so what. She was entitiled so leave when wanted. He did all the time. Sincere could sense her attitude change and suggested they leave. He didn’t ask any questions. Potentially being her side dude, he’d have to deal with things like this.

                Sincere didn’t make it awkard for Veronica. He politely took her back home, well Raquel’s house to her car.

                “Don’t sweat it, call me when you free”

                Veronica reached over and gave him and hug. She thanked him for taking him out to eat and hopped in her car. Still holding on to the memories of her perfect outting with Sincere, she dreaded each inch she got closer to going home to Jamar.




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