– 11 –

    Professor Scott was looking expceptionally handsome today. He must gotten a new haircut. Or maybe a new shirt. Yea, the button up her worn today fit him perfectly. Lea liked whenever he’d make a joke, he smile and laugh to himself showing his perfect smile. No matter what the joke was, she’d always laugh too, whether it was funny or not.

     “Today’s topic. Dreams. Why do we dream one might ask? Our dreams mystify us and often leave us waking up confused, disoriented, frightened, or perhaps very, very satisfied.”

      Professor Scott began to walk more closer to Lea’s desk. It was like he was centering her, talking only to her.

    “Freud, of course, proposed that our dreams represent unconscious wishes that we’re afraid to express in our waking life.”

     He locked eyes with Lea. She positioned forward, giving him her complete attention.

    “So Lea, what do you dream of?”

     “I dream of you Professor”

     “What did I tell you, Call me Scott” He approached her desk

     She looked up at him, dazed in a love spell. “I dream of you, Scott”

     He immediately pushed her books off her desk, picked her up and kissed her passionately.

     “Class dismissed!” he yelled. And they both ran out the room to finish their rendezvous.

     Lea could hear laughter as her and Scott ran away together to the next empty room. What the?

      “Ms. Daniels! Hello? Lea”

       Lea looked up, and the Professor was at the board waiting on an answer from her. Her daydream quickly turned into reality and embarrassment.

      “I’m sorry can you repeat the question?” she said sheepishly

       “In your own words, can you describe what the activation-synthesis model is?  

       Lea cleared her throat and began to speak. “Well, um, its basically the explanation that our dreams are stories that we create out of the random stimulation that occurs in the brain while we sleep.

        “Good answer”

        “Thanks” she mouthed back.

          She sat back in her chair and was quiet for the remainder of the class. She couldn’t wait for it to be over.




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