– 10 –

    Raquel stummbled in the house. It was around 4 in the morning and she was just getting home. No boyfriend or boo to spend the night with. It was common that she was the only friend to come home by her lonesome. She didn’t too much dwell on it. 

   Upon turning on the light she couldnt believe her eyes. The house was compeletly a mess. The 60 inch tv was gone off the wall, the lamps were broken and the furniture was turned over.

    “Oh my god!” Raquel slowly walked through the house. Still hesitant, she wasnt sure if the burgular was still there. Raquel closed and opened her eyes hoping this was a all a drunk vision. If so, stepping on some glass from the broken pictures definetly woke her up.


     “Raquel is that you?”

     “Ma?” Raquel hurridly went for her mothers room. Her whole entire closet looked like it exploded. Clothes were everywhere, the dressers were falling over and her bedroom tv was gone also.

     “Ma? Are you okay? What the hell happened?

      Denise was in a daze. Her face was bruised. The side of her face leaked.

      “Who did this to you? Talk to me!”

      She helped her mother up and they went into the kitchen. Dispite the mess, Raquel found a bag of frozen pees and held it to her mothers face. Though they had problems, she wanted to be there for her. She was still her mother.

      Who could have done this she thought. So many thoughts ran through her mind as she looked down on her mother. She was out cold. They laid together on the kitchen floor and she fell asleep along with her. Scared and confused, wishing tomorrows daylight would get here already. Hopefully it would shed some light on what just happened.




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