– 9 –

Lea laid out on her bed, papers and books spread out all over. She had some music playing in the background while she sipped her Mascota wine. She had a paper to finsh by Sunday and she was almost halfway through.

Got to get my heart back to the way it used to love.
     The way it used to be.
     And the way it used to feel.
     Before I fell in love

Lea loved her some Keyshia Cole. She was raw, her songs spoke to you even if you’ve never been heartbroken. Lea never had a real relationship. She had dealth with guys here and there and her last relationship was when she was in high school, but she wouldnt really consider that real. She was in love, but being 18, she didn’t consider it true love.

First there was Rell. She had met him in the 11th grade, he was the first to meet her mother. He was a little older which concerned her, but he was a gentlemen. He was a provider and wanted the best for Lea. She loved spending time with him and his family. But after a year, things changed and Alex wanted a family. Being that he was 23 and Lea was still in high school. She had to let him go, there were on two different pages. She shortly cut him off, and quickly after some girl popped up pregnant by him. Needless to say, she didn’t dwell on that break-up and evidently, neither did he.

After that she never really took any one else serious. A few flings here and there but never anything that stuck. Being that her friends had enough guy-drama was enough for her. Besides, having a boyfriend this year was out of the question. Graduation was her number one priorty.

Lea’s phone rang and it was a text message from Raquel.

Come outside !!      

Lea hurried to the front door and opened it.

“Come on girl, get dressed!”

Raquel and Veronica walked in all dressed up looking like a million bucks. One thing about their group of friends, They were all very pretty girls. And if at times they didn’t have all their lives together, they ddefinitely made it look good.

The girls sat on Leas bed. They instantly went for the wine bottle. As always, Raquel took a sip from the bottle.

“I’m going to need something more stronger than this!”

Lea had a second thought but figured why not. Her paper was almost finished and they hadn’t gone out all together in a while.

“Okay, I guess.”

The girls squeeled in excitment. They waiting as Lea got dressed. And the so the night began.

It was 11:45 when the girls got the club Liquid. One of the most popular club at the time. Every saturday it was filled with people, if not inside, outside parking lot pimping. As the girls entered they went straight for the bar.

“I’ll have 2 sex on the beachs, 1 long island!” Raquel yelled over the crowd. She knew just what to order her friends.

“Here you go.” The bartender handed Raquel the drinks. Before she could take out money, the bar tender stopped her.

“No cost, you’ve been already taken care of.” He pointed to the end of the bar.

There sat a handsome guy. He smiled and lifed his drink, gestering a toast. Raqual raised her glass and sipped her long island. Tonight was starting off great. She gave Lea and Veronica their drinks. They immediately headed for the dance floor.

Hannah Montana, Hannah Montana, Hannah Montana, Hanna Montana

The Migos song screamed through the speakers and everyone went crazy. No one was thinking about their love lifes, school work, boyfriends, baby fathers, every one just had a drink in their hand and danced to the music.

Lea mingled off and made her way to the bar again. She had finished her sex on the beach and wanted something stronger.

“Henny and coke please?” She told the bartender.

“Oh, your a henny drinker.” she whipped around to face who was talking to her. “Come again?

“Oh nothing, I just wouldn’t expect a pretty girl like you to be drinking a mans drink.”

“A mans drink? Please! It’s the only drink that gets me where I need to be. Those girly drinks suck” Lea laughed to her self. Speakin of the sex on the beach she had. They were okay to drink to look cute but if you wanted to actually get drunk, stronger liquor was definelty needed.

He smiled. “Oh no, it’s cool. I’m just teasing. Make that two” he said to the bartender.

“I’m Mj”

She had never heard of him around before. He was dark, very handsome, white gold fronts and waves you could drown in. She couldn’t help staring at his muscles.

“Kalea. U can call me Lea.” She shyly smiled back.

He admired her beauty. He exmined the dress she was in which fit in all the right places, thanks to Raquel for picking it out for her.

Lea was about to take out some money out of her wallet, but Cee-lo stopped her.

“What are you doing? Oh no, I got this.” he took out a wad of money and handed the bar tender the tab, he then handed Lea a $100 bill.

“What’s this for?” she asked, hestitant to take it. She didn’t want him to expect anything in return.

“Don’t be scared, Lea. It’s for you and your girls. I won’t keep you up. I’ll see around.

He made Lea take the money and put it in her hand and disappearred into the crowd of people, leaving Lea stuck. Who was this mysterious guy. She smiled to herself and grabbed her drink and headed back with her friends. They partied all night til the last song played.

Everyone headed out to the after party spot which was a pizza place around the corner. If you didn’t go out or get in the party, that was the spot to be, either to eat or just hang around. The dudes with the nice cars parked and blasted their music, it was really like a after party spot.

The girls parked, went and found a spot to sit and chill.

“Oh my god, look, look!” Veronica pointed over to James, who was sitting close with another girl, very close. “You see that. Poor Bri. We should go over there.”

“Yea, right. And have James beat our ass. No thanks, I’ll stay right over here. Bri knows he cheats. Her stupid ass chooses to stay, that’s on her” Raquel said.

Lea and Veronica shot Raquel a look.

“What? It’s true. We tell her all the time about his no-good ass. The problem is you two baby her too much. She needs some tough love.”

“Tough love is apparently what’s she’s getting. Literally. I picked her up from work the other day and she had bruises on her arm.” Lea explained.

The girls all felt sorry for Bri. They watched James from afar as he was all in the girl face, kissing on her. It was no use calling her and telling Bri, it’s not like she would do anything, When Raquel used to work at Tru Religion in the mall, James had brought nother girl in and took her on a shopping spree. When he got to the counter, he didn’t even care it was Raquel She gave him the you know I’m gonna tell  look. He simply smirked and shot back you know I don’t care. They walked out with his arm around the girls neck completely unphased.

It was loud and getting packed. The server handed them their pizza. It wasn’t the best food, but the girls were drunk and hungry. Veronica got up to go to the counter to grab some napkins and someone tapped her on the shoulder. It was the guy, that bought them all drinks when they first got into the bar.

“Hey, sexy”

“Oh hey” Veronica smiled. She remember him instantly.

“Did you enjoy yourself tonight?”

“Yes, I did.” she said

“A pretty girl like you at the bar, I had to buy you your first drink.”

He had a bunch of tattoos on his brown chocolate skin. Tall, skinny but built. He had a red and black Era fitted on to the back, and shiney squared earrings in and the pinky ring to match. Not too much bling, but just enough.

“It’s getting to crowded in here, I’m about to head out, but I wanna see you again.”

“You don’t even know my name” she leaned on the counter towards him in a flirtatious way.

“Veronica.” he said. She stood back, surpised. “Yea, I know more about you that you think”

He grabbed her phone out her hand and stored his number, he then called his phone and it rang.

“Got ya number locked, I’ll be hitting you soon”

He winked at her then left.

Veronica watched as he left. It was nice to know she still had it. Most dudes wouldn’t even approach her because they all knew her and Jamar were on it. But this guy didn’t care. She walked back to the table and before she could even tell her friends what happened, they already knew.

“Yea, we saw” Lea explained “You know who that is right?” asked.

“Um, no”

Lea and Raquel laughed.

“Girl, that’s Sincere.”

Sincere was a hot commodity. He was known around town for getting money and spending money. Always on the go and having fun. He never was really in any drama. He stayed in his own lawn, never letting any one know his next step.

“You like him huh?” Raquel joked.

“Like him, I just met him” Veronica brushed off. She played it cool as if it was nothing. But the whole time he was on her mind and couldn’t wait for him to call.



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