– 7 –

   Raquel walked into her house and plopped on her bed. She was completely unsatisfied with her life and how things were at the moment. She dwelled on the fact that she never really lived the way she wanted. Her and her mom lived in a small 2 bedroom apartment in not the nicest neighborhood. Just the other day their neighbor was robbed.

  She rolled over to her nightstand and pulled out her photo album. Whenever she felt down, she would look through photos of her baby. Well he wasn’t a baby anymore, he had just turned 5. Raquel’s sister downsouth would send her pictures frequently.

   The pictures showed happier times. When she was with her childs father, Richard. Tears ran down her face as she went through the album. Her smiles in the pictures were qenuine. In a matter of a few years she managed to get the one thing taken from her and she was determined to get custody of her son back. But that took stability and money. No judge would ever grant any rights to Raquel the way she lived now.

   The bedroom door flew open and it was Denise, Raquel’s mother. She quickly hid the pictures and wiped her face to act like everything was normal. Music filled the room and the smell of cigarrettes. She glistening wet and hair was just recently washed. Fresh make-up and she smelled really good. She must was going on date, Raquel thought.

   “Denise, what the hell are you doing,” Raquel watched as Denise just made her way into her closet rummaged through her clothes.

   “I need something to wear tonight! Lance is taking me out.”


   “Don’t be funny, Raquel” Denise said holding up a shirt. She dropped her towel and tried it on. It was two sizes to small just the way she liked it. Denise was the spittin image of Raquel, just older and way more experienced. Part of the reason Raquel acted the way she did with guys is because Denise always had a different one, in and out the house since she was kid. She didn’t even know her own father.

    Most times they would get mistaken for sisters and Raquel hated that. She wanted a real mother, not a friend and that’s the main reason why they bumped heads so much.

   “No, take that off and get out of my room!” Raquel put the covers over her head. Denise ignored and continued to try her clothes on. She examined herself in the mirror. Clearly obessed with herself.

   “What’s up with you today?” She said puffing her ciggarette. 

   “Nothing, I’m fine. ” Raquel called out from under the covers. She wanted her to get out of her closet. She had personal things in there that she didn’t want her mom’s hands to get a hold of.

   “I think he’s the one, Raquel, I really do. About time a man has put a ring on it.”

    Raquel rolled her eyes. “Can you just leave please”

    Denise shrugged her shoulders and grabbed some clothes and left the room. She could careless about how Raquel felt, and sadly that’s how it always has been.


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