– 6 –

    It had been a long week and Veronica was tired. She had put in some overtime these past couple of days and getting in the bed to relax was what she looked forward to the most. Baby Jamar was already put down for bed. Veronica took a shower and hit the sheets. She instantly fell asleep.

     It was almost 1am when she was woken up out of her sleep. It was Jamar kissing on her.

     “What are you doing Jamar,” Veronica tried to move away. “I’m tired, get off of me”

     “Come on baby,” He said trying to restrain her. He began kissing her neck down on her stomach. As much as Veronica enjoyed the affection, she was tired. After doing 12 shift, she wasn’t really into having sex right now.

     “Jamar, I’m tired. Can’t we do this another day.” Veronica closed her legs and rolled over.

     Jamar just sat there and looked at her. It had been over a week since they had sex and he was horny. He loved Veronica with all his heart but this was getting out of hand. He didn’t say anything. He just got up and left the room. Veronica knew Jamar was upset and kind of felt bad. She got out the bed and followed him in to front room. He was on the couch watching tv sipping some Remy.

      She straddled his lap and begin kissing him softly.

       “I’m sorry babe. I just had a long day.” Veronica said in between kisses. She knew she would get to him. Kissing him behind his ear always put him in the mood. She gently grabbed his face and kissed his lips.

       Jamar was completely unphased, eyes fixed on the tv. Veronica noticed how uninterested he was which turned her off. She got off him and sat beside him on the couch.

     “So this is what is it now?” Veronica shook her head. “Baby I said I’m sorry, I was tired. I’m up now”

     Jamar didn’t even reply. He sipped some more Remy and ignored her, eyes never leaving the tv.

     “Hello, I’m talking to you” Veronica agressively grabbed him chin and made him face her.

      “What do you want me to say, man. You always deny me. I’m used to it.” Jamar yanked his face away and got up and began putting on his jacket as if he was about to leave.

      “Where do you think your going Jamar.” She followed him.

      “Just out”

       “To go meet with Chanel?” Veronica stood there, arms crossed. She didn’t want to bring that girl up but it was weighing on her. Jamar lived life as if he had no care in world but could still come home to a hot plate every night and a comfortable bed, while Veronica was out working, running around making their baby got to daycare everyday.

       Jamar just looked at her then began to speak.

      “These girls ain’t shit to me. Just entertainment”

      “Entertainment? What, I’m not enough?” She stepped closer to Jamar. “The fact that I maintain this household and don’t ask for a dime from you, cook, clean, wash your dirty drawers, that isn’t enough?!” Her finger was pointed all in his face. Jamar stepped back carefully. He didn’t want this is escalate.

       “Man, I’m out” Jamar pushed past Veronica and left out the door.

       “You’re so ungrateful!” she yelled after him “Don’t bother coming back!”

        She slammed the door behind him so loud it woke the baby. She went into his room and laid in the bed with him. She soothed him with a bottle and cried her self to sleep. She felt so unappreciated. So hurt. Enough was enough.      



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