– 4 –

   “What for love mean to you?” Lea asked.

   The girls met up at Lea’s apartment. She had a roommate who was outta town so she had the apartment to herself for the week. Lifetime was playing on tv and some music is on in the background. Food, alcohol and a few dutches rolled were on the table. Raquel was the only smoker, the weed was mainly for her.

   “When you love some one unconditional, no matter what the circumstances.” Veronica answered. She took a sip of Hennessey then chased it with some soda. She passed the bottle with Lea who faced it, no chaser.

   The girls did this often. No matter how often each of their lives got, they always made time to just hang together and vent. For some, their friendship was the closet thing they had to family.

   Veronica was the oldest, 23 with a son with her boyfriend, Jamar, of 8 years. She was beautiful but humble. Half domican, half black. Long, shiney black hair. She currently worked as a bank teller at the local Credit Union. She knew a thing or two about unconditonial love. Dealing with her baby father for almost a decade and putting up his mess, she had been threw it all.

   “I guess, I’m just bored though,” Veronica started to say. She took a puff of Raquel weed. She wasn’t normally a smoker but it really calmed her nerves. She was under some stress lately.

  “Like every day I get off work, pick my baby up from school, go home and cook, then bed. Then do it all over again the next day. Like, where is the excitement in that? she complained

   “Well I dont need any excitement. I’m focused, this is my last year in college and I dont need anything getting in the way of me graduating” Lea bragged. She was the only one out of all her friends in school.

   “I’m just trying to live.” Raquel chimmed in. “I can’t be on no one’s schedule”

   “Yea, it that’s why you were fired, from what your 2nd job this month,” Lea joked.

   It was true, Raquel couldn’t keep a job to save her life. She was very unstable. More of the reason she didn’t have custody of child, who was currently staying with her sister down south. Raquel dropped of out high school when she was pregnant and been on her own every since. She stayed with her mom, the times they actually got along.

    Lea felt the glare Raquel gave her for the comment. Raquel didn’t take it to personal though. And they were friends and if your friends can’t keep it real with you, then who can?

   “I live for the weekends, I work 9 to 5 monday through friday. Momma needs a day off. I can’t wait for the club on saturday. You know it’s been a while for me” Veronica said. She finished the rest of the Henny bottle.

   “Yea, if Jamar lets you go?” said Raquel

   “Let’s me go? Oh no, no one let’s me go anywhere. I go where I want. I don’t say anything when he’s out all night with his friends. Did I tell you I caught him texting that same girl he supposedly deleted her number” Veronica started to explain to the girls how Jamar has still been involved this chick named Chanel. They had all went to high school with her and she definetly was the type of girl to mess with a guy with a girlfriend. 

    “You need to give him a dose of his own medicine, Veronica. I’m telling you. Guys can’t handle when we pull a them on them.” Raqual said matter of factly.

    “What, you mean mess with someone else?”

    “Duh,” Lea chimmed in. “Raquel is right. And you said it earlier. You want some excitement. A new man in your life is exactly what you need.”

   With Veronica always being the faithful one, she never really thought about cheating. But attention is what she craved. She’d love if it was from the Jamar, but with things so bland, they both were too comfortable with eachother. He was dealing with another girl, so why couldn’t she. The thought consumed her, but to acutally act upon it, was another story.




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