– 3 –

Condensation covered the windows and sex thickened the air. Being just fired from her job, and literally no money to her name. She needed some cash fast and did the only thing she was used to. Using her assests to her advantage.

“You like that baby”

Raquel replied back with a dry response pretending to be into it but in reality she rather be any where else In the world.

She was laid out in the back seat of a Tahoe truck. It belonged to Nazim. A older dude who owned a few barbershops around town. He had his eye of her since she started to blossom at the young and tender age of 14.

Nazim would give her rides from school and buy her school clothes. As soon as Raquel hit legal age of 18, he pounced at the opportunity.

Now at 22, Raquel still continued to take advantage of him. He was married with kids her age. As along as she was willing to give herself to him, he was willing to pay. She hated herself every time, but it was good money. She had kind of come accustomed to the fast money he and other men provided.

They had been going at it for a whole 10 minutes which felt like forever. He finally climaxed and rolled his sweaty body off of her. She routinely climbed into the front passenger seat and got herself together. After he caught his breathe, he joined her in the driver seat.

“Don’t be making me wait so long, girl.” Nazim said buckling up his pants

Raquel rolled her eyes. She didn’t like the small talk. She just wanted to get the money and leave.

“Sorry, you know you can call me anytime, Naz. This right here,” Raquel guided his hands to feel in between legs, “Is all yours.” She kissed him on his forehead.

“That’s what I like to hear.” He gripped her thigh and smacked it. He then reached for his pockets and pulled out a wad of money.

20s, 50s and 100s spilled all over as he picked a few dollars for Raquel to have. She held out her hand and he placed and few hundreds in it.

“Thanks Naz. I’ll see you later”

Raquel got out the car and walked around the corner to her house. She ran in her room and counted how much money Nazim had gave her.

“300, 400, 500. 500 dollars”

Raquel smiled and put the money away in her safe which was hidden in her closet. She then locked herself in the bathroom and took a hot shower. Washing away the memory from earlier. She couldn’t wait to meet up with her friends. Some girl time was well needed.


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