– 2 –

    Lea tried not to watch the clock as the minutes went by which felt like hours. It was the beginning of her senior year in college and nothing was getting in the way of her graduating with her Bachelors. Making her mother proud was something she looked forward to.

   Lea was 22, light skinned and loved to her hair done. She even took some ccosmetology classes on the side. She was skinny, but slim thick. You know, like the Fabolous video. Thick in all the right places. 

   She had previously missed the biggest end of the summer party over the weekend getting prepared for school. But classes were her first priority and it’ll all be worth it in the end is what she always told herself.   

     Finally 3 pm struck and Professor Scott let the students go. 

    “Ill see you all tomorrow. That’s when the work officially begins!” He exclaimed.

    A couple moans and groans filled the room. Lea hurriedly packed up her belongings and left the class. She couldn’t wait to leave school to get up with her friends. She had so much to be filled in on from the weekend and she could wait to hear the juicy details.

    “Lea!” Professor Scott called out.

     Lea was almost free out the door. She stopped in her tracks and joined Scott at his desk. She examined him as he looked upon his computer. He didn’t look like any ol regular professor around the campus. He was actually handsome, very. White, tall and broad. Kinda of like a older Paul Walker.

     Scott looked up from his computer and totally caught Lea checking him out. She looked away immediately. He leaned back in his chair and took his glasses off.

    “So,” she said, trying to sway the awkardness of the moment “You wanted to see me?”

    “Yes, yes. Just wanted to say I’m glad to have you as one of my students for this semester. My colluege actually had you as a student, I believe your junior year. One of your papers I read was very phenomenal.”

    “Really? Thank you,” Lea was impressed at the fact that a an actual college professor took the time out to actually read what she wrote and not just treat her like another student on the raster. “I really love to wright. Signing up for this Human Sciology class was something I looked forward to. There was actaully a waiting list.”

    “Yea, I believe you can thrive in my class, I.. ” Before Scott could finish his sentence Lea phone rang, loud. It was Raquel. She picked up the phone to see who it was. It was Raquel.

   “Sorry, I have to go” She pressed ignore and put the phone back in her purse.

   “No, it’s okay. See you tomorrow. Oh and no phones in class” He smiled his perfectly straight teeth at her and winked. He then went back to computer and Lea walked out. She was excited for the new school year and what this semester had in store for her.


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