– 1 –

Lea tossed and turned in the bed. Mainly because she hated the thunder and lightening. She never did like storms, especially when she had no one in bed with her.

There was knocking on the door. Lea ignored it and tried to go back to sleep but the knocking sound got louder and louder. She finally found the energy to get up and decided to go investigate who was at the door.

Slowly she walked to the door all awhile wondering who could it be at this hour. Lea had a huge final in the morning and being woken up out of her sleep this late at night was the last thing she needed.

The rain made it difficult for her to see through the peephole at the door. She could hardly identify who was out there.

“Who is it?” She asked hesitantly

“It us! Open the door!” Familiar voices from the other side of the door cried out

Lea quickly opened the door recognizing who it was. Her two best friends, Veronica and Raquel.

“What’s going on? It’s 2 on the morning.” asked Lea. The girls weren’t on the best of terms right now and they were the last people she expected to be at her house.

Both girls came in to the dryness of the hallway. “It’s Bri, I think something is going on ” said Raquel. She pulled out her phone and showed Lea the recent call log. “See, she called 3 times. I heard screams and then it just hung up”

Bri  was there other friend. The four girls were best friends and most times inseparable. Though each girl had there own lives, they each found a common ground within each other which made them the friends they were today.

Lea could feel the tenseness in the room, something wasn’t right. “We need to go over there right now” Veronica suggested. And with no hesitation, Lea throw some shoes on and they rushed to Bri’s house.

The door was wide open which was a indication that some one had just left… Or still remained there. They slowly and quietly crepted in the house. Raquel went to turn on the nearest light and chaos is what they saw.

The front room was a total mess. The middle glass table was shattered, the tv was completely broken. It looked as if someone completely ram shacked the place.

“Oh my god, we need to find Bri!” Lea ran upstairs searching each room until she opened the bathroom door and in complete awe stood in shock. There was her friend in the tub, naked, bloody and beaten.

“Bri!” Lea screamed. The startling scream triggered Veronica and Raquel to run up into the bathroom to join her. Lea was on the floor, holding Bri close, rocking her back and forth.

“Don’t just stand there! Help! Do something! Call the police!” Lea cried, tears streaming down her face. Raquel pulled out her home and dialed 911 while Veronica grabbed a wet rag and began to wipe Bri’s face.

“Bri, can you hear me? Bri! Wake up! Who did this to you?” Lea slightly shook her. Bri could barely comprehend. Her eyes kept rolling to the back of head, almost unconscious.

The girls were in complete shock mode and didn’t know what to do and the police were taking forever.

“We have the take her to the hospital ourselves!” Raquel suggested.
“What? In that weather? No, we wait her for the ambulance” Veronica said. ” “And in the meantime, watch Bri die in Lea arms. We have to leave now!” Raquel demanded.

The four girls struggled to get Bri’s almost lifeless body down the stairs and safely into the car. Raquel rushed through stop signs and red lights. Lea comforted Bri in the back seat.

Early morning submissions to the hospital always took forever. Sitting the waiting room could take hours. The girls didn’t care. As soon as they arrived they bum rushed past security and right up the receptionist desk.

“My friend, she was beaten. Shes unconscious. She needs a doctor right away!” Lea cried through the glass widow. Nosey onlookers in the waiting room tuned in to see what was going on.

The receptionist dispatched the doctor to come down and surprisingly didn’t take long. He checked her vitals and heart rate. He then immediately called for assistance. More nurses rushed into the waiting room with a bed. They promted Bri up and started hooking her up to IV.

“Doctor what’s going on,  please is she going to be okay?” Veronica asked, watching helplessly as Bri was being hooked up to cords and being stuck with needles.

“Please stand back ladies, she needs some space” the doctor gestured the girls to take a seat. Confused and scared, eyes red and puffy from crying, the girls held each other hands and watched as they rolled Bri into the ER room, not knowing if that’ll be the last time they see their friend.


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